Bring your private event to life with djembe performances or give your guests the gift of music with group drumming.

People of all ages will quickly discover the exciting rush that is borne from a group of people beating out palpable rythms on this ancient instrument.

Purchase quality african drums or have your old one repaired and tuned with a brand new skin.

Garden Route Drumming Services

Team Building

Experience authentic African rhythms and beats through your own hands with the help of a talented group of performers in a fun and exciting group experience.

team building african drums

djembe events fire dancer

Djembe Events

Bring friends together with a drum along or enjoy a vivid musical and visual experience driven by drums and highlighted by fire-dancer flame.

Full Moon Circles

Join one of our monthly Drumming Circles at selected venues & gathering spots in the Garden Route. Come get your drum on in a friendly social setting with other local drummers, all levels of experience welcome!

Djembe Sales and Repairs

Garden Route Drumming offers only genuine African djembe from various African countries including Ghana, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory coast and Mali.

Breathe life into your old or neglected drum by letting us reskin, tune and fully customize with brightly colored ropes and carving.